About Slojd

The idea behind the Sløjd boards is my take on the foodworlds concept of “foraging”; I select the local Nordic wood myself, and follow it the whole process from the woodyard through my workshop to the kitchen counter. This is also why every board bears the inscription of its geographical origin underneath the Sløjd logo.

Another inspiration from the foodworld was tasting streetfood in Vietnam, Japan, Nicaragua, Morocco among other places. I was always fascinated by people displaying their craft and skills on the street, usually just a simple one-dish-setup, refined by years of work.

So when I was lucky enough to be invited to have a small outdoor shop on Jægersborggade during the Copenhagen Cooking Festival. I decided to take my skills to the streets and set up a small street-carpentry, where I did the actual woodwork on the pavement.

Since most of the kitchentools we buy today, are made in Asian factories, I want to show how we can still make sound quality kitchentools from local produce. All handmade in the Swedish countryside, just outside Ystad.